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Fonts I like

I am posting these here because I don’t want to lose this list and its my website. :D

favorite fonts:


Proxima Nova


PT Sans


Josefin Sans



Progress of the mornings for me

  1. Say hello to everyone
  2. Setup Gear
  3. Grab some coffee, say hello to others in building
  4. Talk about work or misc and answer questions if needed
  5. turn to computer and start checking email
  6. prioritize the days responsibilities
  7. turn on good music and place the headphones ever so gently on my head for maximum uninterrupted comfort.
  8. start work ( and then someone calls a meeting )

Product reviewers and online buying

I buy a lot of stuff online. I generally buy stuff I have value for in the sense that I can use it productively. At least that is what I like to fool my self into thinking and try to justify my purchases.

One thing I do is review the reviews. I love to see what people have said about said product I am thinking about buying. There is often to many people who review solely based on the experience with the company and often times they jump the gun on the review.

So for instance, I was recently interested in purchasing a Dropcam, this guys review is the common issue at Dropcam from Reviews like this are way to common and just need to stop. One of the company employees did reply quickly to his review and handled it well in my opinion.

It seems to me that there is a growing trend in these areas and that making online purchases are becoming more work then before. But you really can get what your looking for and something that suites you well if you take the time to read these reviews prior to purchases.

My suggested take-away from this post is that you don’t judge your products based on the # of stars. But more the context of the reviews.

What I consider when I am about to make an online purchase, this varies from product to product.

  • Review count; 5 reviews minimum in my opinion, but I prefer higher if I can find them.
  • The star Rating in combined with the review count. If it rates 5 stars but has 3 reviews, this isn’t a strong bases to judge the purchase try to find other items or other online stores that may carry this item that you can review against.
  • Amazon reviews are great because they provide The most helpful favorable review and the The most helpful critical review. Their reviews also have commenting on them to, so if you are not sure about a review you can see how people might of commented on them as in the example above.
  • Compare to other online reviews and prices. For example with electronics I will go to,, etc.

Learning through others questions

I have been taking a break from IRC, where I generally get help from others when I have questions. If not there, the forums are a great place.

Most times though, I find that my true knowledge comes from attempting to assist others in their questions. My general mentality is to try and help others if I can, I get a lot from it. It was also a bridge to cross learning to accept that I just didn’t know the answer; one I feel is very worth crossing.

What is my process when I answer questions and how do I learn from them?

What is the question?
Are they asking a question that I think I can even tackle or is it to much for me? Will this question pull me in and not let me get work done because I am so distracted in the process of helping others? Often time yes to all of them, but I still do it anyhow.

What are they looking to do?
I try to find out what they are looking to do, this helps me gauge the question more and what the end results might look like. Helps better define the problem which in turn helps in finding solutions or at least help ask questions that help in thinking about the problem in a way that helps the direction.

Is this question more of a technical question or a solutions need type question?
Technical questions are generally how do I do this with what is provided to me. A solution question is more like how can I accomplish this idea.

Based on what I have learned about the question, does provide me some types of answers?
If I don’t know the answer in my head, Google’s brain is huge. Learning to formulate questions so that they make sense is something that I have learned as well when trouble shooting others work. Done right, you can generally find an answer to most questions or solution needs with some crafty searching.

The overview of what I have learned is…

  • Be resourceful
  • Learn to ask questions that make sense to your self, and for use in your searches
  • dont give up easy, be stubborn
  • make sure your having fun
  • when you do successfully help someone, its really rewarding
  • don’t be quick to judge others thoughts based on what they are asking, don’t assume they don’t have an idea and if they dont, help them.

Quality of asserting ones self

Often times we do not speak our mind or express our feelings; in relation to our everyday run-ins with people, co-workers etc.
Today I got to see someone voice their opinion on how the actions of others made them feel. It really is pleasing and enjoyable to me to see someone speak up about something that is on their mind, what might bother them and perhaps how it was me that influenced those feelings.

People should start speaking up for their selves more. Voice your concerns. Let people know if they were offended and what it was that made them feel offended.

This goes to say that we need to come abou these types of things in non-offensive way our self though. For instance, if someone hurt your feelings by not paying attention to something you put hard work into, its best not to seek vengeance but rather let the person know their actions made you feel a certain way. That they made you feel unappreciated.

This is obviously a topic that can have many perspectives, situations and such. But to keep it as short as I can. Lets just keep it at the fact we don’t need to lash out at those that we were offended by. Find a way to let them know that they hurt you, offended you or what ever it might be with out it sounding like your attacking them back.

A great example of wording is:

  • “When you <insert what they did here>, it made me feel <insert your feelings here> ”
  • A non-templated example: “When you said ‘whatever’ when I asked about the job I did, it made me feel sad and that you didn’t care. “

The cool thing is, by not looking offended and lashing out at the person, and not showing anger.

The cool thing is by not showing anger, vengefulness or any other relational emotion to the person at this point will actually captivate that person even more most times. And if by stating your feelings based on their actions and how it made you feel, if they don’t respond back in a positive way and really meant to hurt you. Not showing your emotional card right off the bat this way allows them to really see how much stronger you are then they thought.

I do not post enough

I realize that I dont post enough. Now I wonder if it has to do with a busy life style, or that I really dont know what to write about.

The reason for me setting up a blog in the first place was to express what I learn online creating a nice reference for my self and others. On top of that, I wanted to build my writing abilities.

Lately, I am finding more time, I think I will start writing more about what I do. But I will also change this blog out of word press since I don’t really care for it much.

Freaking out.

The edge of insanity is not clearly defined, but invisible. It’s hard to know when your about to break but sometimes it’s also clearly visible. I personally don’t know either of them. I can tell you this though, taking a step back doesn’t mean it helps, in some cases it feels more as if I am putting my back up against a wall and pushed into a corner. Generally the outcome of those type of situations aren’t good.

If anything, I need to learn to step to the side for now, need to clear my mind. Like a pressure cookers sensitivity, you can cook great things up to a point and if you push it beyond that, BOOM.

Learning and doing… I was reminded today.

I was reminded today by a friend that I had a quote a while back on twitter last year.

“The addiction of learning new things keeps me from accomplishing the current.”

It really does sum up a lot of my thoughts and how things happen. I love to learn new things, I love trying to new things. That is also the downfall is that it prevents me from finishing things that I had started earlier.

Oops, I should learn to stick with something till its complete.

Reference link to the post:!/ericcasequin/status/66168190484488194

Fantastic Meal my mother made pre-wedding.

2 days before my wife and I got married, my mom prepared us a great meal, just revisiting old memories and posting them.

Meal my mom made

Meal my mom made

Meal my mom made

Meal my mom made

Meal my mom made